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Polygraph is a publication that incites water cooler discussion about complex topics. We avoid long-winded essays at all costs, using code, visuals, and animation to construct a different sort of story, one that's often reader-driven, embeddable, and open-source.

FWIW, it's working. Polygraph projects have been covered by pretty much every major publication on the Internet (I challenge you to find one who hasn't!). One project was even the setup for an SNL bit (though it went unnamed).

This thing is about 1 year old. Shit will probably change. Here’s a bit about why we exist. Easiest way to get in touch:


Freelance Contributors. If you have an awesome idea (or would like to be assigned one), we have a flat $5,000 freelance rate on a per article basis. Final deliverables include all writing, design, and code required to ship an article publicly.

For all of the above opportunities, email
 for more information.

Sponsors / Production Studio

We’re collaborating with brands to deliver premium, visual stories, such as our work with Google Trends on election videos, with Converse on Punk,Netflix on Grandmaster Flash, Spotify on Timeless Music, and YouTube on Music Videos. Interested in doing something similar? Email us: